Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Menu Planning Wagon

Well as I come to the end of my second trimester, my energy level is definitely dropping; in an attempt to keep up with this decrease without slacking on meals I've decided it's time to give menu planning a try. This should also help with the fact that we MAY be moving in late October (fingers crossed) so we want to go through all of the meat in the deep freeze.

We do most of our grocery shopping on Wednesdays as that's when Pro's Ranch Market has their epic produce sales; as we get their flyer on Tuesdays I decided that would be the best night to sit down and plan the menu for the week.

(All meals come with a small spinach salad or a side of raw broccoli)
Wednesday: home made taco hamburger helper (one packet taco seasoning + sauteed veggies + ground beef + whole wheat pasta) with corn on the cob
Thursday: pork chops with baked cauliflower covered in a mustard sauce
Friday: BBQ steak with corn on the cob and grilled carrots
Saturday: Daddy's Pork Chops with Lima beans (don't make that face, it's tasty – there's bacon involved)
Sunday: Meat loaf with mashed potatoes
Monday: fish sticks (whole code, not processed – battered in whole wheat bread crumbs), with chipotle yams.
Tuesday: roasted bell peepers stuffed with chicken, rice and other veggies

This means in addition to just regular fruits and veggies (we mostly eat them raw) I need to get extra green peppers, Lima beans, and bacon at the store tomorrow.

Ultimate goal is to have one sea food meal a week (usually fish) and one vegetarian meal a week – but I need to do a little vegetarian research before I get going on that one. Anyone have a suggestion for a good vegetarian cook book that A.) doesn't make me feel bad/defensive about the fact that I have no intention of becoming a vegetarian; B.) teaches the fundamentals about vegetarian meal design (what you're missing from the meat and how to make up for that*, etc) and C.) isn't going to require a huge run on the budget for most every recipe?

What are you making this week?

* Yes I know, if we're eating meat all week then I really don't need to worry about such things  for one meal; however my goal it ultimately to teach my children how to properly cook vegetarian so should they choose to make that life style choice they don't start with pasta/saladtarianism. I may not follow those rules with every non-meat meal, but I need to know them for this purpose...


Sesame said...

Try The Vegan Table. Or Entertaining for a Veggie Planet. There's some pontificating in The Vegan Table, but only in a couple of sections and is therefore easily ignored. Both books are well written with ideas of combining items for full meals. Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Tony Hope Romero also have non-threatening vegan cookbooks. Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction are well rounded with menu/combination ideas and Viva Vegan is all about Latin meals, but require some prepwork--worth it if you are adventurous! With regards to nutritional design/education, I suggest Becoming Vegan (or Becoming Vegetarian, that is also available by the same authors) which is written by two registered dietitians. They are both involved with the American Dietetic Association, one is involved with the Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada.

Sesame said...

Just remembered, Everything Vegetarian by Deborah Madson is a favorite among some of my friends--veggie and omnivore alike.